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What does “low-down” mean?

The dictionary says:
the true facts or relevant information about something.

“you get the low-down on where to go and where to stay away from”

Similar: inside information, the whole story, the facts, data, information, facts and figures, intelligence, the news, a briefing, a brief, guidance, info, the score, the latest, the word, the rundown, the gen….
I think you get the idea…. LOL

For a while now I’ve been pondering this whole lockdown-thing.  It’s pretty major.  Compared to world wars and the like, one has to acknowledge the severe impact this Covid-19 outbreak has had on the world and on humankind as a whole.  I keep remembering my husband’s words:  “Darling, I can tell you, if they cancel football games in England, then this is as bad as it gets!” 
Upon further investigation, it seems that the British continued to play football to lift the community spirits during the second World War, so indeed, his words are correct; this is pretty major.

Let’s address some other ‘facts’.  We’ve all heard and read of the many conspiracy theories behind this virus; its origin, the cover ups, the fake news, specialist reports etc. etc.  It wasn’t long before a tsunami of fear and scaremongering dominated the airwaves and people went into a state of sheer panic.  I watched this happening around the world as the death tolls rose in countries like Italy, the UK and the USA.  The media went into a bit of a frenzy about PPE, the financial impact on the world economy and how 5G is just commencing its health onslaught on the human race.  As if the death tolls and the level of fear wasn’t already reaching critical heights.  Then, during week 2 and 3 of the lockdown we get to hear about the increase in domestic violence, how the world is heading for a financial crash unlike ever experienced in human history and we got to hear that the UK Prime Minister got admitted to the ICU as a ‘precaution’ after contracting the coronavirus.

Actually, this was one of the more interesting things to watch unfold.  Some people couldn’t believe that it would happen to Boris, others thought it showed that nobody is safe and then I watched how some Christians started decreeing and declaring that Boris would live and not die, that he will be healthy and get through this unscathed.  It is this bold declaration of scripture that stirred me to write about the lockdown.

From the very beginning of this whole lockdown we have experienced opposite feelings in the Wright household.  David followed all things “coronavirus”.  Every living moment he was awake (okay, almost..), he was on a device reading up about who had what, how many had contracted it, how many died, which country now has new cases and who is doing what about it.  I didn’t have to watch the news to find out what our Prime Minister said or what was the status (in the world!), David was updating me during the day as new news and updates unfolded.  I watched him become fearful, even panicking at times.  He would go for a nap in the afternoon and wake up with negative thoughts swirling his mind because he filled his gates with ‘death, negativity and doom’ before going to sleep.   He was not the only one; many others were doing the exact same thing.

It quickly became apparent that we will get overwhelmed if we were to continue allowing this kind of negativity to swamp us. Within the first week I stopped listening to the mainstream news.  I just didn’t want to know.  I prompted David to restrict the amount of the negative stuff he consumes and at first he got grumpy with my ‘naivety’, until I told him I refuse to bow down to fear, that I have made up my mind that I know who I am in Christ, I know Who my Father is and He will not let anything happen to us.  He just looked at me.  Not sure what to think of my state of mind at that time. With things taking a turn for the worst, I felt I needed to put a stake in the sand and start declaring life and HOPE.

This is my low-down:  We become what we behold.  What are we focusing on?  What do we allow into our eye- and ear-gates?  What do we agree with?  This is the year of “Pey” in the Hebrew calendar.  More than ever we have to watch what we say and only agree with what the Holy Spirit says.  And He ALWAYS speaks LIFE! When we ALLOW negativity into our gates, we give it full legal right to cause mayhem.  As believers in Christ, we are to align ourselves with spiritual truths and NOT with what the media is feeding us.  Not just now, but always.

I want to ask you today:  What is the low-down on your current state of mind?  Are you feeding it ‘fleshly facts’ or are you feeding it ‘spiritual truths’?  We know that spiritual truth always trump fleshly facts.  For example, we may not always FEEL that God is with us but we KNOW that according to scripture He never leaves us nor forsakes us.  And here is the proof:  we say the scripture applicable to our situation out loud and within seconds the atmosphere changes.  Suddenly we don’t feel so down in the dumps anymore.

So, when things got quite bad with David, I reminded him of the scripture that helped him get free from the panic attacks he used to suffer.  When our minds rush, we become overwhelmed and fear creeps in.  So he started saying “I’ve not been given a spirit of fear, but one of love and of power and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7) and within seconds he started feeling better, even breathing better.

Where to from here?

Well, what are you watching during the lockdown?  What are you listening to?  Our thoughts become our words and all of this contribute to our actions.  I’ve heard it being said that if you want to know whether you were productive today, look at what you achieved yesterday.  What we fed our minds is what filters into our hearts and this becomes our worldview.

If you keep watching movies or video games containing death and violence, you are agreeing with the spirit of death and you are allowing it access into your life.  You are literally saying “here I am, please wreak havoc with me; I choose to serve you.”  Think that is not true?  I assure you it is.  God said “I put before you life or death, choose life” (Deuteronomy 30:15-20).  Every time we say something, watch something or do something we get to build one of two things:  the Kingdom of God or we give power to the enemy.  There truly are no in betweens.

It is the same with any movies containing witchcraft, occultism, vampirism, werewolf or any other supernatural beings.  When we keep watching those movies we are denying that Christ is the Source of our strength, we tell our kids subconsciously that there are other ‘beings’ out there that is also of the ‘saviour-category’.  Now, I’m well able to distinguish between fact and fiction and I like a good superhero movie as much as the next person.  My question is; do your children know the difference?  Do they know that Harry Potter is a no-no?  Do they know that not all vampires look like Edward Cullen and the werewolves definitely don’t resemble Jacob Black?  That teen wolves like Scott don’t exist in the way they are portrayed?  That Fantastic Beasts is pure witchcraft and wizardry?

Why am I talking about this?  Because we are all binging on Netflix and Prime Video at the moment.  Don’t allow yourselves and your children’s gateways to be exposed to garbage in the name of “lockdown”.  If anything, we are supposed to binge on more Godly movies, more sermons, more time with God.  But that is boring….??  Like any other discipline, it is a discipline. But what are the rewards?   A richer spiritual life, a closer walk with Yeshua, a craving for the REAL supernatural where He protects us, directs us and guides us.  Where He shows us our inheritances in Him and He gives us the secret petitions of our hearts. 

I want to leave you with something that I really really really want for myself at the end of this lockdown:  to be, and have, all that Dr O talks about in this video.  I don’t want to WATCH movies on supernatural things anymore, I want to BE MORE supernatural with Yeshua.  I want hear the Father’s heartbeat more, I want to SEE Him face to face, I want to get “portalled” into the Bible through scripture, I want to EXPERIENCE all of the Kingdom realms that He has prepared for me…  I want to be a true, lover of God through Christ and get to share in the mysteries, I want to be a mystic because He is my Hero.

Psalm 25:14-16  (TPT)

There’s a private place reserved for the lovers of God,
where they sit near him and receive
the revelation-secrets of his promises.

Rescue me, Lord, for you’re my only hero.
Sorrows fill my heart as I feel helpless, mistreated—
I’m all alone and in misery!
Come closer to me now, Lord, for I need your mercy.

Here is the real low-down… 

When we emerge from this lockdown, will we be transformed and renewed?  Or not? 

The choice is our own.  Every minute of every day we can change what happens next.  We are in control of our own decisions.

Let’s make it count !!!

Video:  Dr O – What is a Mystic?