About David and Wanda

David Wright is the Chairman and Co-founder of HOPE Ministries along with his wife, Wanda (Founder); who has a passion to see those with broken hearts being healed. They share the vision of setting the captives free and seeing others walk in their God-given authority; hope, peace and freedom (according to 3 John 2 (AMP) “Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually]“).

Together they minister in the Courtrooms of Heaven and have witnessed dramatic and life-changing moments in their living room.

David was given the vision by the Lord to host an annual conference with international speakers (Cheryl Davies and Etienne Blom) in Hamilton. We hosted our first conference “Participating with Creation” in June 2019. This was a line in the sand for the ministry; a truly unforgettable experience. Heaven truly invaded earth during that time and everyone realised how much our Heavenly Father wants to “tabernacle” with us!

In December 2019 the Lord led them to transition from a ‘hub’ into a ministry and to apply for charitable status. Thus, HOPE Ministries were born. Their mandate still remains “Isaiah 61 & Luke 4:18” – to HEAL the brokenhearted.

Part of their vision is to establish and develop HOPE Village; to have facilities available for emergency accommodation (no strings attached) for whosoever needs it; be it immigrants coming into NZ, those fleeing abuse, respite for missionaries… whatsoever the reason, we want to be able to help. Please check out the HOPE Village page for more information or to donate.

On a more personal note from Wanda’s heart:

If you are hungry for the MORE OF GOD (refer John 14:12), or have been disillusioned at times with your Christian walk or have totally fallen away from your faith, we would LOVE to meet with you as we have been there too. If your faith has grown cold or stale, trust me, we know what that feels like too! If you’re bored in church and find your mind wandering way too much, we can address that too :).

We host meetings every Sunday and Thursday.   Why not check us out for yourself?

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