About Cheryl Davies

Born in South Africa, Cheryl Davies has been used by God to mobilize the Prophetic and Apostolic throughout the world. Through her preaching, revelation and training Cheryl has strengthened the Body of Christ to advance the Kingdom of God. Her ministry helps empower people through the understanding of their purpose and calling, by helping them discover their book of destiny in Heaven. 

She carries an authority as a seer prophet which shifts and transforms the atmosphere. The Lord has used her to launch many ministries and to release many into the calling of the Lord. 

She brings a new and powerful Word of the Lord that will release many into their destiny through judgements rendered in the Heavenly Courts.

Cheryl was a minister with Reinhardt Bonnke working as his deliverance minister in Africa. She has ministered and traveled internationally into twenty one countries, including Africa, Denmark, Israel and England, before coming to the United States. 

While ministering in the U.S., the Lord spoke to her and asked her to stay and be a part of the coming reformation awakening in the state of Arizona. 

Heaven’s Place is the Ministry that she founded and established in Phoenix Arizona in 2008.  Since then Cheryl travelled the world ministering to many. Cheryl facilitates a Christ centered mentoring ministry that meets every week.

For over 7 years Cheryl has been on the cutting edge of a ministry facilitating working in the Heavenly Courts freeing people from sin, curses and oaths that have corrupted their spiritual DNA going all the way back to Adam. The process litigates those curses one by one and renders them moot through a righteous judgement achieved through repentance.

Cheryl moved to Miami, Florida in 2019 and aligned with HOPE Ministries NZ in a Mentoring capacity in August 2020.

Cheryl now focuses on teaching and training in the area of the Heavenly Courts by facilitating conferences that show people how to go into the courts for themselves and their families and by taking people in the courts in private sessions.

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