About Alan and Lizette

We were both born into Christian families attending the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa. After getting married in 1988 God moved us into renewal and we started attending a bible based Charismatic church where we for the first time really understood Christ’s gift of righteousness. We were both baptised in our late 20’s, Alan in the Crocodile River at a mens camp. We have 2 boys (now men) and as a family we emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. We joined a local church at the edge of Hamilton that had an awesome children’s ministry.

For some reason Alan never felt content in his Christian walk; having this feeling that there has to be more, but struggling to move deeper into God. “I’ve been crying out to the Lord for more of Him and suddenly He did it. He brought new people across our paths and introduced us to new teachers/forerunners. He opened up our understanding to new dimensions, given me new glasses for understanding His Word and it feels like we’re learning a new language and way of living/being.”

Being part of HOPE Ministries really is an experience of encountering more of Yehovah and being transformed into what He has planned for us.

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