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Our mandate is to “Heal the brokenhearted” according to Isaiah 61

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Dear Reader, 

I got ill about 1 year ago and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (April 2019).  The pain was unbearable and contributed to the fact that I ended up having a mental breakdown about 6 weeks ago. I was introduced to Wanda of HOPE Ministries by Lana almost insisting that they are to come and pray for me. Wanda stood at the foot end side of my bed and said that all I have to do is look into her eyes. She then prayed…asking God to heal my heart and in return it healed my body.

The pain left my body and by the grace of God only, up to this day I never had any pain again. 

It didn’t end there.  The doctors confirmed a diagnoses of Dementia after confirmation by scans and tests…what a shock it was but there were many signs in my body. Wanda and Lana came to pray for me again and laid hands on my head together with my husband and as they were praying I could feel the pressure surrounding my head (that I have had for months), ease off. 

The follow up test proved that (by the grace of God and His amazing love and mercy and through prayer), ALL was CLEAR.

I know that God has healed me through His children who acted in total obedience to Him. All the glory to God Almighty…our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us. 

Love in Christ, Retha

Testimony:  Michelle (Moya) Braithwaite

Hello Folks ☺ I’m a hairdresser by occupation and have been a lover of God for a long time.  However, it just didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere in life.  It felt like I was stuck in a rut, I thought that God has forgotten me and I felt unloved.

My very good friend (Retha Kritzinger *refer Retha’s testimony on this website*) told me how her life (and health!) has changed in the past month since she has been ministered to by Wanda Wright and Lana Engelbrecht from HOPE Ministries.  

During my appointment with Wanda we dealt with some bloodline issues and she ended up praying for my heart to be healed.  I felt lighter and more positive; as if I have more hope. Lana identified some health and wellbeing things to consider based on her Young Living experiences.  God loves to be involved in ALL of our lives.

Since then I’ve received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I can now speak in tongues!  My life has been infused with hope. I don’t doubt my place in life anymore; I am learning about my identity in Christ and what that all entails. I’m so grateful that Father has given me this experience to show me that He loves me and that I am not forgotten. He blessed me with amazing people who are willing to journey with me.  I am truly blessed!

I remember waking up when I was 2yrs old, my body was stiff and sore, and I was very scared – This was the beginning of what was later diagnosed as Chronic Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. This affected my bones, joints, internal organs, jaw, even my teeth went chalky. I was bedridded till I was 11 years old – it got so bad that I couldn’t bring my hand to my face to scratch an itch, go to the toilet by myself, or even roll myself over in bed. The doctors told my parents on multiple occasions “to be prepared as he could die anytime”.

The doctors also told my parents “your son’s body is in such a bad state there is no chance he will walk again, and his internal organs are so badly damaged – especially his heart – he will be dead before his 15th Birthday”. My parents believed God rather than the Doctors & asked our church to stand with them in prayer, we also proclaimed Scriptures over my body every day. PRAISE GOD, I am a Walking Testimony of His goodness & miraculous healing power – I am now nearly 40yrs old and living a normal life, walking (my cartilage has been restored), with healthy internal organs & teeth, married and raising a family.

Big blessings to you & David

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